Life’s a pitch… and then they buy

You’ve just found the invitation to tender and it’s due this Friday…
A week till the grant deadline and your manager goes on holidays...
It’s a full month until the RFT is due but you want to plan to deliver the best pitch you possibly can…

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We live by the motto “life’s a pitch, and then they buy”.  This gives us a strong track record at winning Government contracts for our clients.  We offer a one stop shop and hands-on assistance in grant writing and tender preparation services for organisations looking to win government funding and procurement contracts.

Our results are extraordinary. Clients have a 100% record in pre-qualification, and upwards of a 75% record in winning tenders. To see how we can help you increase your win rates, take a look through the list of speciality services.

You benefit when you use Tender Right :

Attention to detail

Our meticulous and quality assurance process drives some people mad. But you can be confident we’ll give you a compliant solution, no mistakes.

Experience and expertise

With over 10 years tender preparation and grant writing experience, we know what works, and what will get you the scores and short listed.


We make it easy for you to work with us.  We respect your investment and deliver a quality outcome that increases your probability of being shortlisted.  


We always do what we say we will. We will always return your calls and keep you up-to-date with our progress, but we will not take up your valuable time.

We work together

  • Free consultation and discussion

  • Tender Right provides a written proposal and we reach agreement to work together

  • At a briefing meeting we review the tender / grant, identify resources and set time lines

  • Tender Right responds to the tender / grant and gathers supporting information

  • You prepare the budget, cost out the specifications and gather letters of support

  • We take time to revise the content and consult before submitting a complete, compliant tender

  • We deliver the tender on time  

Our process

  • In the beginning, we like to talk with you either face to face, over the phone or via Skype

  • We want to learn about your business, understand the grant or tender you are applying for and what your relationship is with the customer or buyer

  • We then assess the tender / grant and provide you with a proposal via email that details timelines, milestones and the fee for our services

  • Once we have a written agreement we finalise our arrangement using an engagement letter which formalises our contract to work together

  • Our payment policy is 50% at the start of the writing process and 50% before we submit your final proposal. Sorry we do not work on success fees

  • We work around the clock, burning the midnight candle, doing over time on weekends; to get your document ready in time

  • We allow you time to work on your pricing strategy

  • We like to get a final draft to you a week before the tender or grant closes, so you have time to work with us on any changes and fine tune the submission

  • We upload the final submission onto the electronic portal complete with all attachments and provide you with a receipt that guarantees it has been lodged

Our guarantee

  • We take on one quality client at a time. We will not be balancing lots of competing projects, your project is our number one priority and has our full focus

  • We will communicate with you regularly and let you know where we are at

  • We always cross the t's and dot the i's ensuring your tender is compliant and your grant meets the eligibility requirements

  • We know how to speak the language of government and press our buyers hot buttons

  • We balance our workload by scheduling tasks, implementing good time management and meeting our milestones

  • We construct template letters of support so that you can muster up partner endorsement

  • We aim to leave you plenty of time for review and to submit your application at least 48 hours before the closing date

  • Your information is confidential and secure


  • Fast, transparent and compliant. Grant and tender writing that ticks the box.

  • Everyone. Everywhere. Every day. We are the key to your project success.

  • Pricing that is clear, value-based, and proven to get you results.

We help you articulate the value of what you have to offer.  As a proposal strategist, we’ve helped our clients tender for projects and win in excess of $200 million thorough our tender and proposal management system – specifically, addressing the issues, identifying solutions and speaking to the buyer in a way that will set you apart from your competitors’.

Statistics show that 80% of incumbents win tenders because they understand and address the customer hot buttons, identify solutions and have an established business relationship with the buyer.

Tendering is resource hungry, it costs money and time.  When you miss an important bid it costs you sales and profitability. Our expertise will help you clearly articulate the value of what you have to offer and demonstrate why you should WIN.

Shortlisted tenders win because they demonstrate throughout the tender that they can solve problems and address the buyers priorities better than the competitor.  Top tenders present a solution and frame it so that in the buyers mind your solution lowers their purchase risk.   

Small Business

We understand the importance of winning tenders and government grants, we work with you and teach you how to win more business and prepare winning tenders and funding applications.

You don’t have to be a big guy to win government contracts or corporate tenders.

In order to improve your chances of success, you will need to have an established background in your industry.

Sorry we don’t work with start up businesses.

Personal Service

You deal with Katrina Tehan, not sub-contractors. She is approachable, organised, competent, with strong business and marketing expertise.


Katrina Tehan has an excellent winning track record. She is highly professional and respects your confidentiality. Katrina takes an interest in your business, getting to know how it operates and building a long term professional relationship that will get you results.

Tender Right gives you peace of mind from the start – what you’ll pay and what you’ll get. Contact us with project details and together we'll work up a proposal, with a quote and information to help us write you a persuasive tender.  We’ll soon show you how easy it is to work with us.

I have the great privilege of knowing and working with Katrina for more than 13 years. First and foremost amongst Katrina’s qualities is her sense of integrity. She demonstrates vision, clarity, passion and a dogged determination to achieve quality outcomes for her clients. Katrina believes in and empowers people to act more effectively within their organisations and businesses. She has travelled ‘many extra miles’ for her clients and I have valued sharing some of those journeys with her. It is an honour to endorse Katina and her work.
— Anna Stephenson and Associates
Tender Right used expertise and industry understanding to put a tender together and win us new business.
— Robern Constructions
As a professional freelance writer, Katrina mapped the pathway and wordsmithed our Vic Forests tender worth $5 million!
— Charmers Logging
You make us sound better than we are
— C&C Wilson Builders